i n t e r s e c t :   t h e   c h a n c e   o f   e n c o u n t e r


 intersect is a solo exhibition on history, memory and displacement on view at the Eugene Johnson Gallery at Bethel University from January 19-26, 2018.

Comprised of artifacts I have accumulated from different places I have been over the years, my work portrays a fragmented identity as a result of a multicultural upbringing and physical and emotional displacement. I collect interesting visual moments that I witness by acquiring discarded print material and photographing accidental patterns that stand out in ordinary settings. I constantly save and curate these artifacts into a larger body of work, fascinated by the intersection of time and place.


The word “intersect” pertains firstly to where two or more things meet. My collages and paintings show how the combination of different mediums interact together to create a new visual language. Secondly, my abstract photographs are indicative of how I respond to my environment. As I move, I encounter new spaces and capture them, freezing unrepeated moments into eternal ones. However, no composition is calculated – the significance lies in the chance of the encounter. 


Through my work, I present an environment in which the viewer is invited to reflect on the significance of the paths they tread, the roots from which they bean, as well as engage in the intersection of time and place in a single moment.