Petra Lee

Fine Artist and Graphic Designer

Minneapolis, MN


Email: petra.d.lee(at)gmail(dot)com

Petra Lee’s work focuses on the intersections of person, time and place, and opens conversations about history, culture, memory and displacement. She was born and raised in Singapore before moving to Vietnam and subsequently the United States, where she trained as a fine artist and graphic designer at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. She has been the recipient of a 2016 Bethel University Purchase Award, a 2017 Guy Chase Graphic Design Award, and recognized by Jennie Ekstrand and Patrick Gantert of Sadie Halie Projects for works dealing with ideas of displacement and culture. In January of 2017, she art directed Textura, a three-time award winning photojournalistic magazine that highlighted the vibrance and layers of Guatemalan culture. Since 2016, she has exhibited work in thirteen shows within the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area, including a January 2018 solo exhibition, intersect, in which she further explored ideas of cultural identity, fragmented memory and displacement.